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Thoracic Pain

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What is it?

Thoracic pain is most often caused by muscle and soft tissue strain, and should improve over time without the need for surgery. However, if the pain does not improve over time it may signify an underlying condition.


• Upper back pain • Back Stiffness

When to see a doctor or consider surgery?

You should see a doctor if the pain remains constant or begins to worsen, and does improve heal over time. If you experience any 'Red Flags' (Symptoms requiring immidiate attention) you should see a doctor as soon as possible.

How is it diagnosed?

Thoracic pain can be diagnosed through a meeting with your doctor, based off of your symptoms. A physical examination may be undertaken to determine range of motion and investigate underlying causes. If the symptoms persist, you may be refered for a specialist opinion. Your specialist may request a CT or an MRI scan may be undertaken to diagnose a fracture