Effective treatment to back and neck pain

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  • Over 95% of people who come to us, get better without surgery

    "It's wonderful to wake up each day with no pain"

    "A consultant that finally listened, cared & tried sensible conservative treatment first"

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  • Which clinic will you choose?

    With clinicss across London, where would you like to be seen?

    • Canary Wharf, the major business district
    • Chelsea a centre of innovation and influence
    • Or Harley Street, the heart of London's world-renowned medical district

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  • Everything needed for back and neck pain

    You don't need to deal with back and neck pain alone because we are here to help you overcome and learn how to manage your pain. Our spine surgeons years of expertise has given them complete understanding of the daily challenges back and neck pain suffers endure.

    Our consultants are "strong believers in conservative treatment and spine surgery as the last resort"and we have everything you need for back and neck pain.

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  • Minimal Access Spine Surgery

    Benefits of minimally invasive procedures

    Minimally invasive procedures offer significant benefits such as:

    • Quicker recovery, shorter hospital stays, less scarring and less pain

    These kinds of procedures are not for everyone and our spine surgeons will assist you in the decision making process when considering treatment options. Read more about spine treatments

  • Spine Surgery London

    Our London based spinal surgeons carry out a range of spine surgery for a wide variety of back and neck problems. If you have an infection of the spine, an inflammatory disorder, a congenital deformity, spinal tumours, or have fractured your spine, there are many options to consider and making an appointment with one of our specialist orthopaedic surgeons can help you decide on the best course of treatment.

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